London Sustainable Schools Map User Guide

Using the map & viewing data

Using the map & viewing data

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Using the map & viewing data

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The London Sustainable Schools Map is located at and provides an interface to display information on sustainability in London’s schools.

The map is pre-populated with every school in London and also provides a link for school staff to upload their own school's information. You can browse the map at a pan-London or Borough level, or alternatively search by school name or postcode, school type, Eco-Schools award, other sustainability award, and school travel plan. Each school is also able to name a contact person for all sustainability issues.

The home screen shows a map outlining the London Boroughs. To enter a Borough, either select it from the drop-down menu or click on the relevant target symbol on the map. To select a particular school, choose the name from the drop-down menu, search using a postcode (Advanced Filter above the map key), or simply find it on the map. When viewing the map at Borough-level, you can zoom in and out with a mouse scroll-key or the sliding scale on the left of the map. To navigate just drag the map with the mouse or use the arrows in the top left corner of the map.

Once a school has been found, it will flash on the map. Click on the symbol (which is coloured according to the school’s status as an Eco-School) to bring up a text box with all relevant details, including the named Sustainability Contact.

The advanced filter allows users to search for all schools across London or a Borough with a particular Eco-School status, travel plan or other sustainability award.

The London Sustainable Schools Map is a public-facing website as one of its key aims is to promote the sustainability agenda. All visitors to the site can view details of London schools in all Boroughs.

A login to the site is only required to update a school’s details. Any member of LGfL school staff can simply log in using their USO account. If your school is not yet connected to LGfL, you can still update your details and receive updates on exciting sustainability opportunities – simply get in touch with the London Sustainable Schools Forum via their website:



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